Церемония открытия МКФ «Флаэртиана»

Before the Opening Ceremony of the International Documentary Film Festival «FLAHERTIANA»

The audience of Flahertiana festival

Jury President, the writer Leonid Yuzefovich is the center of attention

Leonid Yuzefovich

The members of the Festival Svetlana Prokudina and Ekaterina Rusakovich

Project сurator of Flahertiana Forum, director and producer Cay Wesnigk (Germany)

The member of International Jury, director Christiane Büchner

Before the Opening Ceremony of the International Documentary Film Festival «FLAHERTIANA»

The Jury members of Student Contest Vera Ustugova and Gennady Shyroglazov

The President of IDFF Flahertiana Pavel Pechenkin

Welcoming speech of VUZ-Flahertiana Festival Curator Vladimir Beresnev

The President of the guild of non-fiction moves and television Victor Skubey

The curator of the project Flahertiana Forum Cay Wesnigk (Germany) talks about international pitching

The curator of the competition of student films Olga Averkieva

Introductory speech from the chairman of the jury of the national competition , operator Irina Uralskaya

Awards of the festival

The rector of the PSU Igor Makarikhin

Leonid Yuzefovich solemnly awartded the title of Honorary Professor of the University

Governor of the Perm region Maxim Reshetnikov

The President of the festival Pavel Petchenkin

The 17th festival of Flahertiana was opened by the governor of the Perm region Maxim Reshetnikov , traditionally breaking a plate on an old camera and continuing the festival tradition

September 15th

The President of IDFF Flahertiana Pavel Pechenkin opens the National Competition Program. The first film is "Rural projectionist" (Director: Alexandr Kalashnikov).

The National Competition Jury members Vyacheslav Rakov and Vladimir Kirshin

The Opening Ceremony of the International Competition. The Jury President Leonid Yuzefovich

International competition curator Anastasia Kazakova

Cinema Hall "Campus" is the festival venue for a new documentary school

The festival member, journalist and interpreter Ira Kormannshaus (Germany)

The Russian director Irina Uralskaya gives the first master-class of a a professional club Flahertiana Workshop

The participants of Flahertiana Workshop at the master-class "Artistic Language of the documentary Cinema"

The Opening of Risk Film Studio Retrospective. The film is presented by Dmitriy Bronnikov

At Risk Film Studio Retrospective screening

The main festival helpers - volunteers

One more master-class is given by director and a member of International Jury Maciej J. Drygas (Poland)

At Master-class "From Compilation to Creation"

At Master-class "From Compilation to Creation"

Bling Gulliveris special screening is presented by the producer of the film Klara Zaloudkova (Czech Rebuplic)

The audience at the Bling Gulliveris screening

The producer Alfred Kahl (Germany)

Konstantin Shumov at the Bling Gulliveris screening

September 16th

The project Flahertiana Forum started on the 16th of September - in recent 3 days directors and producers will present their projects to tutors and train to pitch.

Dorota Rozhkovskaya, polish producer

On the Flahertiana Forum workshop

Oleg Galitskiy represents his film project

Evgeniy Golynkin represents his film "The Heart" Forty years later"

On the National Competition "Russian Flahertiana" presentations

National Competition jury members Irina Uralskaya and Vyacheslav Rakov

On the National Competition "Russian Flahertiana" presentation

The head of the media education department Olga Ahmedzyanova represents the children program

Before the session of the International competition

Polish director Anna Zamecka represents her film "Communion"

Members of the international jury Kristina Buchner (Germany), Liliya Nemchenko (Russia) and Maciej Drygas (Poland)

On the international competition program presentations

Director of the cinema center "Premier'' Ekaterina Zemlyanukhina

A full hall of people on the Russian film premiere "You Have No Idea How Much I love You" (dir. Pawel Lozinki)

Pavel Pechenkin and the film operator Kacper Lisowski present the film "You Have No Idea How Much I Love You"

Kacper Lisowski tells about the emotional scenes of the Polish film

Workshop about the student cinema in Russia and Europe presented by Liliya Nemchenko

On the workshop "What are the Russian student's and foreign cinema schools films about?"

Viewers of the international competition program vote for the most liked films, those that will gain the largest amount of votes, will win People's Choice Award

Maciej Drygas and Pechenkin open the Polish director's retrospective

The member of the International Jury ICF "Flahertiana-2017", director Maciej Drygas

Olga Belskaya, vice-president of the festival "Human and Nature" and Pavel Pechenkin present the special Irkutsk screening program

The main festivals coordinator Alina Strabovskaya and Finnish director Elina Hirvonen

Before the session programs of the DocPoint festival (Finland)

The fist film of the program is presented by the DocPoint directors council member Mina Laamo

President of the Festival "Flahertiana" Pavel Pechenkin

Member of the international jury, director Kristina Buchner (Germany) presents her film "Neighbours of the Kremlin''

September 17th

Tutor Marina Lysenko opens another session of National Competition "Russian Flahertiana"

Director Anna Ganshina presents her film "Grotto Children"

Director Marco De Stefanis presents his film "Waiting for Giraffes"

Joerg Langer and his master class "Coproduction with Germany - Myth and Reality. Review of the documentary networks in Germany.

Cay Wesnigk's master class "How film finds its viewer - "Video on Demand" like a possibility"

Director Aleksandr Kuprin presents the second film of the National Competition program "Incense-Navigator"

On the screenings at "Russian Flahertiana"

Ira Kormannshaus and Galina Krasnoborova

Mina Laamo (Finland) presents the second film of a festival program DocPoint

On the screening of "The Perfect Selfie"

"The Grown Ups" is another film of International Competition is presented by producer Denis Vaslin

As a part of Flahertiana Workshop Kacper Lisowski held a master class about working an operator

Before the session of the International Competition

"The Competition" 's director Evgeny Khovaev

International Jury Member of the IDFF "Flahertiana-2017", director Macej J. Drygas continues to present his films

President of the Festival "Flahertiana" Pavel Pechenkin

International Jury Member, the filmmaker and distributor Jonathan Marlow presents the program "Flaherty Seminar at Flahertiana"

Discussion after the screenings of the "Flaherty Seminar" program

Alina Stabrovskaya Chief Coordinator of the festival and Olga Belskaya the vice-president of the festival "Human and Nature"

Viewers comments about festival

Владимир Соколов представляет фильмы ретроспективы киностудии «Риск»

Director Christiane Buchner and DoP Irina Uralskaya present film "pereSTROIKA - reCONSTRUCTION of a flat"

Boris Karadzhev presents his new film "Dream Factory" for Comrade Stalin"

Galina Yankovskaya and Konstantin Shumov

September 18th

On September 18 master classes given by professionals were held at the Flahertiana Forum. The first meeting was Deni Vaslina's lecture "Examples of joint filmmaking"

Master class by Matrichka Bozhilova

First Monday screening of the national competition – film "The Last Waltz" (dir. Yulia Bobkova)

At the screening of "The Last Waltz"

Marina Lysenko, national competition "Russian Flahertiana" curator

Director Lidia Sheinin presents her film "Harmony"

First Monday screening of the international competition – film "Zona Franca"

French director Georgi Lazarevski presents his film "Zona Franca"

Members of the international jury Liliya Nemchenko (Russia) and Maciej J. Drygas (Poland)

Master Class "To move the image" by Christiane Büchner

Flahertiana audience

Festival's chief coordinator Alina Starbovskaya and media relations officer Arina Plyusnina

A meeting with the writer Leonid Yuzefovich took place on September 18

International Jury president, writer Leonid Yuzefovich answered the questions of Perm citizens and guests of the festival

At the meeting with Leonid Yuzefovich

At the meeting with Leonid Yuzefovich

Polish director Maciej Drygas presents his film "One Day in People's Poland"

Anastasia Alypova opens the program of the Millenium festival (Belgium)

Full hall at the screening of the film "Nothing is forgiven" (dir. Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe)

Mina Laamo (Finland) presents the third film of the DocPoint festival program "Boiling Point"

Director of the film "Boiling Point" Elina Hirvonen

At the screening of "Boiling Point"

Volunteers of the festival watch films in their free time

Director Yulia Bobkova talks with the audience

September 19th

The international pitching Flahertiana Forum started on the morning the 19th of September

The anchormans of the pitching Dorota Rozskowska (Poland) and Ira Kormannshaus (Germany)

Olga Averkieva presented the project of her new film 'I Will Grow'

Natasha Kasianova is one more participant of the pitching

Arina Plusnina is the press officer of the festival

Morning screening of the International competition. The film 'Calabria' (Pierre-Francois Sauter)

The filmmaker from Switzerlan Pierre-Francois Sauter presented his own film

First Tuesday screening of the National competition – film 'The lake' (Daria Blokhina)

On the screenings of "Russian Flahertiana"

Yefim Reznikov presents his film 'Tiksi- The Bay of meeting'

One more film of the national competition – 'Son of Man' ( Sergey Pozdnyakov)

Yulia Zinovieva presents her film 'The Punishment'

Monika Willi presented 'Untitled' and spoke about mutual work with Michael Glawogger

The jury members of the International competition Jonathan Marlow (USA) and Leonid Yuzefovich (Russia)

The tutor of the international competition Anastasia Kazakova and the filmmaker Monika Willi

The camera operator Irina Uralskaya presented her films within the framework of Retrospective of the film studio "Risk"

A special screening 'Miss Kiet's Children' was presented by Peter and Petra Lataster (Holland)

The Dutch documentalists answered to the questions from viewers about the filming and working with children

Spectators of "Flahertiana"

Member of the international jury, Jonathan Marlow the Flaherty Seminar's trustee held the workshop 'Only Apparently Real'

The operator Irina Uralskaya and the President of IDFF Flahertiana Pavel Pechenkin

Christiane Büchner presented her new film "Family Business" as part of the program "Films of the Jury Members"

The member of the international jury Christiane Büchner (Germany)

The leader of the club "1917" Sergey Polishuk

At the mutual screening of the program of Russian state film and photo archive and historical cinema club "1917"

The representative of the Russian state film and photo archive Rimma Moiseeva

Evgeny Grigoriev presented his new film "We Will Rock You"

The President of IDFF Flahertiana Pavel Pechenkin and the filmmaker Evgeny Grigoriev

full hall at the special screening of the film "We Will Rock You"

September 20th

20 сентября прошел второй день международного питчинга

Польский продюсер Дорота Рожковская

Участник питчинга Леонид Именных

Даниэль Шпонзель и Кай Веснигк

Участники проекта Flahertiana Forum

Режиссер фильма «Мост» Анна Драницына

Участник национального конкурса «Российская Флаэртиана», режиссер Александр Калашников

Ольга Ахмедзянова на Пермском форуме медиаобразования

Зрители «Флаэртианы»

Участник международного конкурса из России Родион Исмаилов представил свой фильм «Плацкарт»

Второй фильм программы международного конкурса представляет режиссер Ольга Делан

Ольга Делан (Германия)

Режиссер Елизавета Козлова представила свой фильм «В центре циклона»

Режиссер Вадим Витовцев представляет фильм «В тени больших деревьев»

Мацей Дрыгас представил последний фильм своей ретроспективы «Абу Хараз»

Джонатан Марлоу представил фильмы программы «Семинар Флаэрти в гостях у «Флаэртианы»

Второй показ фильма «Дети мисс Кит» представили документалисты из Нидерландов

Голландский документалист Питер Латастер

Заседание международного жюри

Кристина Бюхнер и Лилия Немченко

Леонид Юзефович и Мацей Дрыгас

September 21st

Последний показ программы национального конкурса – фильм «Песни Абдула» (реж. Анна Моисеенко)

Представители компании Festagent провели мастер-класс о фестивальном продвижении фильмов

Екатерина Русакович и Ханна Мироненко

Еще один мастер-класс заключительного дня от Евгения Григорьева

Евгений Григорьев рассказал о нелегких буднях документалиста

Closing Ceremony of IDFF Flahertiana