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The project Flahertiana Forum started on the 16th of September - in recent 3 days directors and producers will present their projects to tutors and train to pitch.
Dorota Rozhkovskaya, polish producer
On the Flahertiana Forum workshop
Oleg Galitskiy represents his film project
Evgeniy Golynkin represents his film "The Heart" Forty years later"
On the National Competition "Russian Flahertiana" presentations
National Competition jury members Irina Uralskaya and Vyacheslav Rakov
On the National Competition "Russian Flahertiana" presentation
The head of the media education department Olga Ahmedzyanova represents the children program
Before the session of the International competition
Polish director Anna Zamecka represents her film "Communion"
Members of the international jury Kristina Buchner (Germany), Liliya Nemchenko (Russia) and Maciej Drygas (Poland)
On the international competition program presentations
Director of the cinema center "Premier'' Ekaterina Zemlyanukhina
A full hall of people on the Russian film premiere "You Have No Idea How Much I love You" (dir. Pawel Lozinki)
Pavel Pechenkin and the film operator Kacper Lisowski present the film "You Have No Idea How Much I Love You"
Kacper Lisowski tells about the emotional scenes of the Polish film
Workshop about the student cinema in Russia and Europe presented by Liliya Nemchenko
On the workshop "What are the Russian student's and foreign cinema schools films about?"
Viewers of the international competition program vote for the most liked films, those that will gain the largest amount of votes, will win People's Choice Award
Maciej Drygas and Pechenkin open the Polish director's retrospective
The member of the International Jury ICF "Flahertiana-2017", director Maciej Drygas
Olga Belskaya, vice-president of the festival "Human and Nature" and Pavel Pechenkin present the special Irkutsk screening program
The main festivals coordinator Alina Strabovskaya and Finnish director Elina Hirvonen
Before the session programs of the DocPoint festival (Finland)
The fist film of the program is presented by the DocPoint directors council member Mina Laamo
President of the Festival "Flahertiana" Pavel Pechenkin
Member of the international jury, director Kristina Buchner (Germany) presents her film "Neighbours of the Kremlin''