Mustafa Ünlü


Mustafa Ünlü was born in 1963 in Ankara. He graduated from the Ankara University, Faculty of Communications. After he experienced journalism in various magazines and newspapers, worked respectively at Turkish Radio and Television news department and the 32nd Day, Turkey’s flagship international news program. He started documentary film making in 1989 and mainly focused on social and political ones. He worked as the director of International 1001 Documentary Film Festival between 2013–2018. He also gives documentary, directing and camera lectures in universities and film schools. Currently, he is a partner of the Kutup Ayisi Documentary Productions Company established in 2001, member of EDN and chairman of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers Board in Turkey.

Filmography: Queens of the Republic, 1991; Documentary of Vehbi Koc, 1992; Johnnyturk, 1995; 12th September, 1998; The Suryoyo, 2000; The Mediterranean, 2001; Caretta Caretta – About Life, 2005; The Old Town’s Newsmen, 2005; Time Piece-The Night Club, 2006; Every Drop Matters, 2009; Bullet and Pen, 2009; The Zone, 2010; Guards of the Steps, 2013; Diary of a Pollution Terminator, 2015; Ah, 2016.