Ekaterina Rusakovich

Eastwood Agency

Ekaterina Rusakovich has graduated from N.G. Chernyshevsky Smolensk Humanitarian University. She worked as the assistant director and the director at the Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio. Since 2009 she worked as the coordinator of the International Film Festival of the documentary melodrama "Saratov Sufferings". Since 2016, she has been promoting documentary and feature films to film festivals. Ekaterina worked with such projects as: “The Case (Delo Sobchaka)” by Vera Krichevskaya, “Kamchatka Bears. The Life Begins” by Irina Zhuravleva and Vladislav Grishin, “Small People. Big Trees” by Vadim Vitovtsev, “Life with Bacteria” by Stanislav Stavinov and Andrei Timoshchenko,“Weather Forecast” by Ivan Tverdovsky, “Into_Nation of Big Odessa” by Alexander Brunkovsky and others.