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Competition program of XVI International documentary film festival «Flahertiana» is formed

A short-list of the Flahertiana’s International Competiton program is finally formed. As in the previous year, 15 films will compete for the Golden Nanook Award. This year contest has a large geography: the USA, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Portugal, France, countries of the Northern Europe – and this is not even the half of the list.

One of the most famous films taking part in a competition is A Family Affair by Tom Fassaert (the Netherlands). This documentary has already opened the IDFA 2016, received several international awards and has been included in the program of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival.

Pleasantly, the short-list of Flahertiana-2016 includes 2 Russian films. 24 snow by Mikhail Barynin follows the life of Yakout horse-breeder; this year it has already received the Audience Award at Moscow International Film Festival. The second documentary is INTRO by Yulia Panasenko, which became sort of a sequel to her film OUTRO, the winner of Flahertiana-2011. One more film of the International Competition was shot by a Russian documentary filmmaker Viktor Kossakovsky. His Varicella is a documentary about two sisters, 13 and 7 years old, who study in the prestigious academy of Russian ballet. Kossakovsky tells us a story of gentle sisterhood, and of one big dream for two girls.

Films of the International Competition Program will be presented in Perm by their authors.

This year the selection committee members of Flahertiana had to watch almost 700 documentaries sent to the festival direction, which is a hundred more than a year ago. Aside from that, films were seen and chosen on the biggest international film festivals all over the world. The selection committee included Viktoria Belopolskaya, Chef  Editor of “Kultura” TV-channel, film critic Marina Drozdova and Boris Karadzhev, master of the Documentary film department in Gerasimov’s Institute of Cinematography.

Pavel Petchenkin, the President of Flahertiana, finds this year’s International Competition program anthropocentric: “All films reflect in their topics changes of the reality, and together with that the major changes in people’s lives. The main thought of all the documentaries is that the man is the measure of all things. This principle determines both the selection of films and the logic of our festival, which follows the aesthetics of Robert Flaherty”.

International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana is held from 16th to 23rd of September for the 16th time already. Beside the International Competition there are Russian Flahertiana and Student Films Competition.

Competition program of International documentary film festival «Flahertiana–2016» includes:

24 Snow

Russia, dir. Mikhail Barynin


Russia, dir. Yulia Panasenko


Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, dir. Viktor Kossakovsky

Presenting Princess Shaw

Israel, dir. Ido Haar

Foreign Affairs

Luxemburg, Germany, dir. Pasha Rafiy

Raving Iran

Switzerland, Germany, dir. Susanne Regina Meures

Thy Father’s Chair

USA, Italy, Spain, dir. Àlex Lora, Antonio Tibaldi

Maiko: Dancing Child

Norway, dir. Åse Svenheim Drivenes

Olmo and the Seagull

Denmark, Brazil, Portugal. France, Sweden, dir. Petra Costa

Family Affair

The Netherlands, dir. Tom Fassaert


Italy, dir. Luigi Cuomo


Iran, Germany, Switzerland, dir. Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami


Croatia, dir. Tonci Gacina

The Closer We Get

UK, dir. Karen Guthrie

The Wonderful Kingdom of Papa Alaev

Israel, France, dir. Tal Barda, Noam Pinchas