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Upcoming deadline for entries to Flahertiana Forum

5 days left until the end of submissions to Flahertiana Forum 2017. The deadline is July, 15. 

Flahertiana Forum is a five-day project which goal is to promote the documentary film projects from countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia to the international market. Main event of the forum is the Pitching with producers from Europe.

For those who are not quite sure in their forces, there is the Training which presupposes a 3-day work with tutors from Europe and Russia who will help to understand strong and weak sides of the project presentation, and get feedback before the direct presentation. Tutors of the Training are Dorota Roszkowska (Poland), Cay Wesnigk (Germany), Ira Kormannshaus (Germany), Boris Karadzhev (Russia), Joerg Langer (Germany) and Daniel Sponsel (Germany). 

Participants can get the Stipendium which covers the travel expences. More about how to submit your project and apply for the Stipendium read in the Regulations.

Flahertiana Forum will be held from 16 to 20 September. It is based on an initiative of Flahertiana Festival, German Accociation of Documentary filmmakers AG DOK, and German Documentaries, and funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

Online entry form.

Flahertiana Forum Coordinator – Anastasia Alypova
(e-mail:, tel. +79058648866)