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The 3rd Competition of Flahertiana is Finally Announced

Flahertiana is to announce the short-list of Student Films Competition. Among 16 documentaries made by students, there is the best documentary film of the VGIK International Film Festival, films of Marina Razbezhkina's workshop, and – for the first time – a documentary from Kyrgyzstan. Olesya Yepishina and Angelina Trushnikova from Perm will present their film «The Perm Period» in which they meditate on similarities and differences of contemporary citizens of Perm Krai and inhabitants of the ancient Perm Period.

Films of students of VGIK and Marina Razbezhkina's school prevail in competition, however, there are bright discoveries from the provinces found by the selection committee especially for the Jury and the audience of the competition. Thus, for the first time, a film from Kyrgyzstan is in the student competition: Toktomush Zhekshenbai will present his 10-minute film «The Price of One Mistake». Alexander Zubovlenko will show «Extras. Close-Up», a documentary which was already considered the best film of International Film Festival VGIK in the relevant section, as well as on the festivals in Poland, Belarus and Bangladesh. Also the winner of Flahertiana's last year Student Films Competition, Andrey Ananin, this year will present his new film «Zoya & Valera». Perm documentary school will be presented by two students of Pavel Petchenkin, Olesya Yepishina and Angelina Trushnikova.

To select the best film of the Student Films Competition a separate Jury is chosen. They are ex-president of the Russian Documentary Guild, the filmmaker and producer Evgeny Grigoriev, journalist Anna Bukatova, and the Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Ancient and Modern History of Russia in Perm State University Vera Ustiugova.

We remind you, that this year's International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana is held in Perm from 15 to 21 of September. The short-lists of International and National Competitions are already formed.


The War and Peace of Private Litvin, dir. Evgeny Kalinin

Property of the Republic, dir. Anna Kuznetsova

Laws of the Taiga, dir. Maria Yevteeva

Here and Only Here, dir. Tatiana Lushnikova

Zoya & Valera, dir. Andrey Ananin

The Private Life of Animals, dir. Valentin Tkach

Beauty, dir. Kristina Kuzhakhmetova

The Flight..., dir. Klavdia Antonenko

Extras. Close-Up, dir. Alexander Zubovlenko

On the Edge, dir. Yulia Bobkova, Olga Komarevtseva, Maksim Lukianets, Kirill Myltsev, Yulia Sergina

The Perm Period, dir. Olesya Yepishina, Angelina Trushnikova

Blindfold, dir. Alexey Bogdanov

Sister, dir. Anastasia Kuzyakova

Music Lessons, dir. Irina Buzina

The Price of One Mistake, dir. Toktomush Zhekshenbai

You See, dir. Natasha Kasianova