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The IDFF DocPoint (Finnland) will show the Perfect Selfie at Flahertiana

The main Finnish Documentary Film Festival DocPoint will present a program of three films on Flahertiana. The audience will see the actual thoughts about the migration crisis in the Finnish sauna, a poetic film essay about global warming, and a daring picture of a popular Instagram blogger.

Each film issues a topical question of the modern world but this is done very sincere and without edification. Thus, "Little Yellow Boots" by John Webster is a very lyrical essay, a film about ecology with a human face. Webster travels the world and talks to various people about the global warming trying to imagine what world will be waiting for his great grand daughter and what will happen to the planet. This moving and hopeful documentary tells us that every person has the strength to change the world. The second film "Boiling Point" will be presented personally by the director Elina Hirvonen. It touches a very controversial topic - the migration crisis in Europe, and the reaction of Europeans to the situation. Two main characters are sitting in the Finnish sauna and arguing if the diplomacy can still work or it is time for violence. Finally, the third film "The Perfect Selfie" by Jenni Salonen and Maryam Razavi is a contemporary story of growing up which main heroine is Olivia Oras, a popular blogger who shares with the followers her most intimate life details. The filmmakers were observing Olivia for a year and a half and now are ready to share her story.

The program will be presented by Mina Laamo, the member of the board of directors of the IDFF DocPoint, and the filmmaker Elina Hirvonen will visit Perm as well to present and discuss her film “Boiling Point” with the audience of Flahertiana.

DocPoint Special at the IDFF Flahertiana is organised under the support of the Embassy of Finnland in Moscow and the Finnish Film Foundation.


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