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Flahertiana will hold five special screenings

International Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana” will present over 100 films to the audience during the festival week. There will be five films among them that will form a separate category ‘special screenings’. “Special screenings are an important component of our non-competition program. These are truly audience films, stories that are interesting to follow. These films were appraised around the world and now we are happy to present them to the Perm audience. Moreover, these are indeed unique screenings. The films are not available to watch on the web and unfortunately will not be released in cinemas», — says the Festival Chief Coordinator Alina Starbovskaya.                                                               

Miss Kiet’s Children Special Screening (The Netherlands, 2016,0+) presents the new film of living documentary cinema classics, Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster. It is a moving story of first-year kids of emigrants at usual Dutch school and the teacher one can only dream of. How do children adapt to a new class, get used to the new language and teacher that they don’t understand? This film is an ode to the teacher one can only dream of. It will be especially interesting to watch for school and university educators, teachers of Russian as a foreign language. The film will be shown twice at Flahertiana: September 19 (Tuesday) at 15:30 and September 20 (Wednesday) at 20:00. The film is presented by its authors during the both screenings. The special screening is organized with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

In his new film Blind Gulliver (The Czech Republic, 2016, 16+) Martin Rysavy himself has become the central figure of the narration. To continue his work in cinema and travel the long distances he needs to do a medical check and then go through a treatment with a Prague ophthalmologist. The conversations held with the doctor during the medical check have become the plot’s foundation that is interlaced with the trips to Russia and Ukraine. Martin Rysavy is one of the brightest contemporary Czech filmmakers. His Blind Gulliver is an attempt to make out the person and the society outside of the political conflicts.  Blind Gulliver special screening at Flahertiana will take place on September 15 (Friday) at 16:00. The film is presented by Klara Zaloudkova, producer. The special screening is organized with the support of Czech Center Moscow.

Several years ago director Evgeny Grigoriev with the support of the Ural region rock stars and “Nashe Radio” radio station programming director, started a crowdfunding campaign at After having collected the required sum, together with the musicians he chose three young people out of 300 bands. The characters are aiming to achieve their goal and have to face the common life events: mundane routine, love and habits, shortage of money.  The production team thinks this is a film-initiation and, at the same time, film-manual on how not to drown in others’ current and not to skittle away one’s own life. “In the broad sense, the film is not about music but about destiny and about people that are trying to fathom, understand, change that destiny. The film is about people who need everything the most”, - thinks the film director Evgeny Grigoriev. We Will Rock You Special Screening​  (Russia, 2017, 18+) will take place at Flahertiana on September 19 (Tuesday) at 20:00. The film is presented personally by the director.

Boris Karadzhev will present a documentary study of the circumstances and the dynamics of the drama that took place in the second half of the 1930s around the project of creation of the “Soviet Hollywood”. It was supposed to become the centre of film-making in the mould of the American “Dream Factory”. Dream Factory for Comrade Stalin ​Special Screening (Russia, 2017, 12+) will be held twice:  September 16 (Saturday) at 17:00 and September 17 (Sunday) at 20:30. The film will be presented personally by the director, Boris Karadzhev will also answer the questions of the audience of “Flahertiana”.

Finally, Russian premiere of the new sensational film by Pawel Lozinski will take place at Flahertiana. You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (Poland, 2016, 16+) is a complicated and emotional story of the relationship between mother and daughter peeped at a session of psychotherapy. It has received a great number of awards, which includes one at the Krakow Film Festival (Poland, 2016), Man in Danger Festival (Poland, 2016), Festival dei Popoli (Italy, 2016) has awarded Lozinski’s new film with a Gian Paolo Paoli for the best etno-anthropogical film. Kacper Lisowski, director of photography, will t\present the film to Flahertiana audience. You Have No Idea How Much I Love You special screening will take place on September 16 (Saturday) at 15:30.

Кадр из фильма «Слепой Гулливер» (реж. Мартин Рышавы)