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Leonid Yuzefovich will deliver a meet-the-artist event during Flahertiana Workshop

Writer Leonid Yuzefovich will meet with Perm citizens as a part of Flahertiana Workshop. The topic of the event - non-fiction literature. Flahertiana Jury President will talk about the similarities of working on a book and a documentary film and answer the questions from the audience. Readers, journalists, guests and participants of the festival are welcome to attend. There will also be various lectures and workshops on cinematography and directing, collaboration with festivals and documentary films’ promotion.  This year’s Flahertiana Workshop events could be essentially divided into three main categories.

Firstly, festival participants will be able to attend master-classes on cinematography. Irina Uralskaya, a famous cinematographer, who has worked on many films together with Russian director Marina Razbezhkina, Central Studio for Documentary Film, “Risk”, Mosfilm, “Fishka-film”, “Snega” film studios, will give a lecture “Artistic Language of the Documentary Cinema”. Participants of the workshop will learn about working with the film’s space and objective world, in-frame movement, operating the natural light, choosing the camera and lens. Another cinematographer Kacper Lisowski will give a talk on cinematographer’s place in documentary filmmaking. He worked as a cameraman for Pawel Lozinski, Jerzy Sladkowski, and Anna Zakrzewska. Kacper will elaborate on the difficulties a cinematographer has to face during the filming process and the job specifics. He will also share his experience and introduce examples from the production of You Have No Idea How Much I Love You.

The second block presents documentary film directors. Evgeny Grigoriev, director, and producer, will share with the Flahertiana Workshop participants the experience of working in documentary filmmaking and will talk about why should one be going through so many difficulties at his lecture “Routine of the filmmaker”. Maciej Drygas will explain the different kinds of approach to using archived materials in the genre of found footage during the “From Compilation to Creation” workshop. Polish director will also share his personal views on what is the archived material and how to give new meaning to the original materials. [The event is held with the support of Polish Institute in Moscow]. Director and a member of the commission at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen Christiane Büchner will touch upon how to earn the living with the help of filmmaking during her master class “To Move the Image”. Being an experienced member of various festivals’ selection boards, she will also share her experience of being a programming director and connections between the former USSR states’ born directors and Oberhausen. [The event is organized with the support of the Goethe-Institut].

Finally, the third block of master classes with being dedicated to the partnership of documentary film festivals and film promotion. Flahertiana Workshop will host Lilia Nemchenko, whose festival-workshop “Kinoproba” (Yekaterinburg, Russia) presents the best student works of young authors from Russia, Europe, and Asia. In her lecture “What Topics Choose Russian and Foreign Film Students for Their Documentaries” Lilia will talk about the main tendencies and focus areas of the beginning filmmakers. Flahertiana International Jury member and the Flaherty Seminar representative Jonathan Marlow will present the current American films and discuss it with the audience. The event “Only Apparently Real” is organized with the support of the U.S. Consulate General in Yekaterinburg.

Festagent representatives Ekaterina Rusakovish and Hanna Mironenko will hold a meeting dedicated to the film promotion strategy and its risk zones. Ekaterina and Hanna will help establish as precise as possible the fate of the film, talk about the success and failure factors and advise on who to give the premiere rights. Flahertiana Workshop will also welcome Adam Paplinski and Katarzyna Szarecka to present an innovative online platform Pitch the Doc. The platform is created to promote documentary films to the market. Festival’s guests will talk about how the platform works, what are the special aspects of web-based pitching and how to search for investors online.

Flahertiana Workshop is a professional club for beginning filmmakers and film department students. It gives the opportunity to attend lectures and master classes of the leading documentary film specialists.

The lectures and seminars are open to the public, no prior registration is required.

Leonid Yuzefovich, writer, Jury president