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German festival DOK.fest Munich will bring coming of age stories and black humour

Film festival DOK.fest Munich finished just a few months ago but here they are – films of the German program. The audience of Flahertiana will know the secrets of a closed student fraternity or meet charming owners of the undertaker’s office in Bavaria. One of the films will be presented by the director of photography Zoe Schmederer and later she will hold a workshop.

The program includes three feature films. "Germania" is about the teenagers coming of age in an organization with strict rules and strange rituals, democracy and the spirit of brotherhood. What do young people think about politics and ideology? What important decisions do they make for the first time? "Here and There" also talks about modern youth and the difficult search for oneself. In the centre is the story of Haris who lives in Dresden but identifies himself with the Bosnians while his sister already feels German.

Charming irony and black humour can be seen in the film "Sooner or Later" which takes us to a small Bavarian village, to the house of spouses-farmers working in a funeral home. Their world is suddenly destroyed by the community of vegans who began to introduce new rules into the life of the village. The cinematographer of this film Zoe Schmederer will come to Perm, talk to the audience and hold a workshop for the filmmakers.

Zoe Schmederer is a cinematographer and an artist. She lived in Norway for five years, spent a year in the Arctic Circle, where the views of the midnight sun, polar nights and the changeable light of sunsets changed her methods of working with light. Zoe was nominated for the German Cinematography Award in 2018.

DOK.fest Munich Special and workshop of Zoe Schmederer are organized with the support of the Goethe-Institut.


кадр из фильма «Корпус Германия» (реж. Лион Бишоф)