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As usual, the festival will have Flahertiana Workshop educational program which invites filmmakers and producers to share their experience with colleagues. How to film in extreme conditions, self-distribute your films and why the sound is so important for cinematographer will be possible to know in this free professional club.

There are two groups of workshops. First of them is devoted to the promotion of film projects and finished films. The International Jury President, Emmy nominee Michael Collins will share the best practices of impact campaigns: finding the right partners and managing social media campaigns at his workshop “DIY Impact Distribution”. On the strategies of promotion will also talk the member of the International Jury, Finnish producer Pertti Veijalainen, and producer Oksana Maksimchuk presenting the film “The Red Soul” will tell about the job of a researcher at her workshop “Where Does the Film Start”.

It’s not a secret that most documentary films are screened at the festivals. How to create an effective strategy of promoting films to film festivals, what is a director’s statement and how to find a common language with festivals’ programmers? All this you’ll know from the representatives of film promotion agency Festagent, Ekaterina Rusakovich and Olga Bazhenova at their workshop “Practices of Documentary Film Promotion”.

The second group of the workshops will be held by the filmmakers. They might be interesting for both film students and attentive viewers who want to see more. Dutch filmmaker Jessika Gorter on the example of her films will share how it is possible to combine various, sometimes opposite views of the heroes at the workshop “Which Story Do You Want to Tell”. German cinematographer Zoe Schmederer will give a special attention to sound and light in the films. At the workshop “Sound of Light”, you will know why it is very important for the cinematographer to hear the sound of the action and how a director can let the camera to tell the story.

What it’s like to make a film in permafrost you will know from Aleksei Vakhrushev who for a long time filmed the hunters on Chukotka. And Vladimir Golovnev, the Student Competition Jury President, will tell how to turn your observations into a film.

Participation of the experts in Flahertiana Workshop is held under support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Russia, the Goethe-Institut and the U.S. Consulate General in Yekaterinburg.