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"Flahertiana" announced the best documentary films of 2018

Yesterday, September 20, the laureates of the 18th International Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana became known. Prizes were awarded in three competitive programs: International Competition, National Competition "Russian Flahertiana" and Student Films Competition.

The festival's President Pavel Pechenkin said that a record number of viewers visited the festival on September 19, Wednesday:

"1454 spectators visited the Premier Cinema Center. This is an absolute record of our cinema. Festival will continue for the viewers with "Echo of Flaherthiana". On the evening of September 19, 7340 spectators visited the Premier Сinema Сenter, 2500 students watched documentary films at "VUZ-Flahertiana" screenings at universities and other educational institutions of the city. The total amount of viewers is 9840."

International Competition

Audience Award

Over the Limit (Marta Prus, Poland, Germany)

Special Jury Mention

Distant Constellation (Shevaun Mizrahi, US, Turkey, the Netherlands)

Special Jury Mention

Songs for Kit (Ruslan Fedotov, Russia, Belarus)

“Silver Nanook” – Award for Original Artistic Solution

Taste of Cement (Ziad Kalthoum, Germany, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Cathar)

“Silver Nanook” – Award for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes

Muhi – Generally, Temporary (Rina Castelnuovo, Tamir Elterman, Israel, Germany)

“Big Golden Nanook” – Grand Prix for the Best Film of the Festival

Of Fathers And Sons (Talal Derki, Germany, Syria, Lebanon, Qatar)

National Competition "Russian Flahertiana"

Main Sponsor’s Prize by ASTER Group

Let Me Live MY Life (Olga Averkieva, Russia)

Special Jury Mention for Cinematographic Approach to Film-Portrait

Everyone Wants to Live Forever (Evgeniy Golynkin, Russia)

Special Jury Mention for Critical Analysis of Gender Stereotypes

Sing (Olga Korotkaya, Russia, Poland)

Special Jury Mention for Sincere and Artistic Disclosure of the Character

Heavenly Jester (Sergey Lando, Russia)

“Small Golden Nanook” – Award for the Best Film of National Competition

Let Me Live MY Life (Olga Averkieva, Russia)

Student Competition

Festival Partner's Prize by FESTAGENT

Therapy (Yulia Sergina, Russia)

Festival Partner's Prize by FESTAGENT

Mission (Klavdia Bershadskaya, Russia)

Special Jury Mention

Great Scenery (Yulia Balabanova, Russia)

Special Jury Mention

Free Radicals (Darya Gnashko)

Award for the Best Student Film

Jammed (Ksenia Shkreba, Russia)

Immediately after the end of the festival, the project "Echo of Flahertiana" will start. The festival invites to cooperation screening sites in Russia. This year the films will be also shown on the TV channel Guide. The schedule will be announced later.

The first "Echo of Flahertiana" screenings will be held this weekend at the Premier Cinema Center (Perm, Pionerskaya, 17).