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“Flahertiana-2019” Presents the National Competition Program

The International Documentary Film Festival “Flahertiana-2019” has compiled the program of the National Competition “Russian Flahertiana”. This year's competition will be unprecedentedly large — 15 films are participating. All were produced no later than last year.

The program has films of well-known authors. For example, Vladimir Golovnev (IDFA participant, Flahertiana winner) — about world eSports champions “Letsplay”. In addition, viewers will see an observation of the Donbas war in “Their Republic” by Alena Polunina and a film about the life of circus artists “Under The Canopy Of Heaven” by Sergey Lepikhin — the only Perm film in “Russian Flahertiana”.

There are also films from the newcomers: “White Mama” by Zosya Rodkevich and Evgenia Ostanina — the last producer's work of Aleksander Rastorguev who died in the CAR, the premiere of “Beyond the Peaks” by Masha Barsukova.

This year, for the first time, the program included films that were presented at “Flahertiana Forum” pitching. For example, “Strong Beat” by Vadim Vorontsov and the “Jubilee Year” by Zaka Abdrakhmanova.

“We see how our pitching is working, both for films and scripts. It really becomes a part of the festival movement. In general, the level of all competition entries this year is unusually high. They are emotionally balanced, and there is a depth of the topic disclosure, philosophical overtones. This is a very good cinema. There has been a change of generations, now we see other filmmakers with new interests,” says Pavel Pechenkin, President of Flahertiana.

The winner of the national competition receives a “Small Golden Nanook” and a prize of 25,000 rubles.

The program of the National Competition “Russian Flahertiana” 2019:

White Mama

dir. Zosya Rodkevich, Evgenia Ostanina


dir. Maksim Arbugayev

Portaitissa of Donetsk

dir. Natalia Batrayeva    

Beyond the Peaks

dir. Masha Barsukova

Katya and Stephanie. Portrait in the Interior

dir. Mikhail Gorobchuk


dir. Vladimir Golovnev  

Nothing Personal

dir. Evgeniy Milykh 

Father Baikal

dir. Marina Maria Melnik

Father and Sons from Krotovo

dir. Evgeniy Solomin, Valeriy Solomin

Under The Canopy Of Heaven

dir. Sergey Lepikhin

Robin Chicas

dir. Denis Slepov

Their Own Republic 

dir. Alyona Polunina

Strong Beat

dir. Vadim Vorontsov

Fatei and the Sea

dir. Alina Rudnitskaya, Sergey Vinokurov

Jubilee Year

dir. Zaka Abdrakhmanova