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Flahertiana will Screen Polish Films for Children

Flahertiana presents a special program of the new documentary films POLISH DOCS which will show to children and teenagers the examples of their peers in the cinema. In the films, heroes overcome their first defeats, create their own world and, on the contrary, learn to live in the adult world.

The program consists of five films by Polish documentalists. For the first time in Russia, the film “One Two Zero” (6+) will be shown about a girl who, at 9 years old, began training gymnasts younger than herself. Director Anna Pawluczuk will personally come to Perm to talk with the audience. "Volte" (6+) by Monika Kotecka and Karolina Poryzala has a similar story about the girl Zuzia. Playing an important role in acrobatic staging she is forced to leave her usual place simply because she is growing up.

The moment when everything still seems possible was captured by Grzegorz Zariczny in the film observation of the Polish school graduates Last Lesson (12+). And for a while, Eri Mizutani involves us in the world of another school, a closed one, in the non-fiction film “Their Voices” (12+). We get access to a habitat full of acceptance, understanding and airiness. The film received the Best European Film School Prize in Portugal. Flahertiana will host its Russian premiere.

However, the world of teenagers is not so harmless. Especially in areas where there are few prospects and young people face serious problems. But some of them manage to "hide" in an unusual hobby. For example, tame wild horses and become... cowboys. About this is the film "Urban Cowboys" (12+) by Pawel Ziemilski. The director will be able to discuss the fate of teenagers with the audience in Perm. Please, find the exact program schedule here.

Polish cinema was shown more than once at Flahertiana. Thus, at the festival in 2015, the program of the Krakow Film Festival and short films of POLISH DOCS were screened, in 2017, a retrospective of the Polish director Maciej Drygas took place. Festival President Pavel Pechenkin comments: "the Poles make the best documentaries in the world".

Film screenings at Flahertiana will be held in collaboration with the POLISH DOCS project. The arrival of guests is organized with the support of the Polish Cultural Institute in Moscow.