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The Flahertiana Forum organizers have come up with the list of participants. 12 Russian documentary filmmakers will come to the training and the pitching. The selection committee has chosen projects of the industry fresh faces as well as of well-experienced directors. The names of tutors have also became known.

Renowned director Svetlana Stasenko with the project Mimino vs Mafia, Perm filmmaker Alexey Romanov with the new project Klaus Burger: Spiritual Exercises, participants of the national competition of IDFF Flahertiana Vadim Vorontsov and Evgeniy Milykh and other authors will present their projects during the pitching.

The training participants will be consulted on how to pitch their projects by:

• Marianna Kaat – founder of the Baltic Film Production, producer, director and Associate Professor at Tallinn University for Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication School. She worked as a producer with such directors as Vitaly Mansky (Rodnye aka Close Relations) and Yuri Khashchavatski (Lobotomy, Kalinovsky Square);

• Alexander Kuznetsov – photojournalist, director and scriptwriter of documentary films;

• Frank Müller – German producer, director, editor and founder of the Doppelplusultra film company in Hamburg;

• Dorota Roszkowska – Polish producer, educator, scriptwriter and founder of the independent production company Arkana.

Dorota Roszkowska also joined the Flahertiana Forum selection committee. She commented on the results of the selection as follows: “I see that experienced documentary filmmakers are participating in the pitching and they come with good ideas. They think it is worth to participate in this pitching, so the level, in my opinion, will be quite professional. I particularly looked for projects that relate to the life of modern Russia. And there are such projects, for example, Gavvakh by Vadim Vorontsov, Island of Eternal Youth by Alexandra Westmeier and Love Machine by Ilya Zverev. I have been organizing pitchings in Russia for many years and I see that there is a big development in this direction.”

Flahertiana Forum is an event for film industry professionals, where directors and producers of documentary films present their film projects to European producers. The Forum will be held in Perm for the third time. Several projects presented last year have already become films, and some of them are in competition programs of this year’s festival. So, for example, Stanislav Stavinov and Andrey Timoschenko will present to the audience their film Resuscitation, Vadim Vorontsov participates with his film Strong Beat and Zaka Abdrakhmanova with Jubilee Year.

The list of Flahertiana Forum 2019 participants:


Director Vadim Vorontsov, Russia, Novosibirsk

Island of Eternal Youth

Director Alexandra Westmeier, Germany, Russia, Chelyabinsk

Klaus Burger: Spiritual Exercises

Director Alexey Romanov, producer Vladimir Sokolov, Russia, Perm

Love Machine

Director Ilya Zverev, producer Vlad Ketkovich, Russia, Moscow

Love, Sex & Others

Director Evgeniy Milykh, Russia, Moscow

Mimino vs Mafia

Director Svetlana Stasenko, producers Svetlana Stasenko, Liza Antonova, Russia, Moscow

Necropolis of Antarctica 

Director Olga Stefanova, Russia, Moscow

Not a women's business

Director Nastia Kuzyakova, Russia, Moscow


Director Nikita Belorusov, producer Ksenia Vaneeva, Russia, Moscow, Syktyvkar

The Third Life of Marina Kleshcheva

Director Elena Demidova, producer Liza Antonova, Russia, Moscow 

War Veteran

Director Evgeny Sushchev, Russia, Moscow

Wilfred and Alexandra 

Director Oleg Galitsky, producer Ivan Ryzhikov, Russia, Moscow