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Flahertiana-2019 Presents the Jury

IDFF Flahertiana announces its jury. They will judge the International, National and Student competitions. Directors and producers will also present their films, hold creative meetings and master classes.

The International Jury will decide which of the documentaries will get the Grand Prix for the best film "Big Golden Nanook". This year, the director and laureate of the Venice Film Festival Aleksey Fedorchenko will become its President.

Beside him, among the judges of the main competition is the Dutch filmmaker Tom Fassaert whom “Variety” newspaper called “One of the Ten Docu-makers to Watch”; Director, chairman of the Association of Documentary Filmmakers Board in Turkey Mustafa Unlu; producer, founder of Lemme Film, Kathrin Lemme, and playwright Ksenia Gasheva.

The national competition will be accessed by the cinematographer and director of the International Documentary Film Festival "Doker" Irina Shatalova, cinematographer Artem Anisimov who worked with Sergey Miroshnichenko, Aleksei Fedorchenko and other famous documentalists. Also in the jury is a writer Pavel Selukov, author of the book “Halulayets”.

The winner of the Student Competition will be chosen by the director, professor of St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television Alina Rudnitskaya; curator of film festival programs and an agent for promoting films (The Case (Delo Sobchaka), Small People. Big Trees, Kamchatka Bears. The Life Begins) Ekaterina Rusakovich, poet and journalist Ivan Kozlov.

All professionals will present their films to festival guests. At the Flahertiana, the Perm premiere of Aleksey Fedorchenko’s film “Cinema of the Change’s Era” about the life of the Sverdlovsk film studio in the 90s will be held presented by the DoP Artem Anisimov. Viewers will also see two works of Tom Fassaert: “Family Affair” which received Flahertiana’s Grand Prix in 2016 and then was acquired by Netflix for global broadcasting, and “Angel in Doel” – the first full-length film of the Dutch filmmaker.

Mustafa Unlu will present his film “Ah” about the terrorist attack in Turkey in 2015 and the film “Confrontation” directed by Nejla Demirci about people who are fighting cancer. Alina Rudnitskaya will answer questions from the audience about the film "Blood". Kathrin Lemme will talk about the films that she produced: “12 Months Germany” by Eva Wolf about exchange students from three different continents living in German families, and “Iron Eaters” by Shaheen Dill-Riaz on how old ships are manually dismantled on the shores of Bangladesh.

Two creative meetings will also take place at Flahertiana: Pavel Selukov will read stories related to cinema as well as his new works that have never been published before, and Ivan Kozlov will read his poems.

The schedule of master classes of the Flahertiana jury will be announced later. The visit of Kathrin Lemme is organized with the support of the Goethe-Institut.

This year, the director and laureate of the Venice Film Festival Aleksey Fedorchenko will become International Jury President.