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Flahertiana 2020 Presents the Program of the National Competition

Flahertiana announces the program of the National Competition which will be held online this year. 17 films were chosen for the shortlist including festival hits and films by new directors.

Among the award-winning films is “Hey! Teachers!” – this documentary about two young teachers will be screened at IDFA, one of the main documentary film festivals in the world. The film by Yulia Vishnevetskaya has already received a special mention by the jury at Krakow Film Festival and has been nominated for the Laurel Branch award. Another festival hit – "Froth" by Ilya Povolotsky about the fight against poachers in the Barents Sea was marked with a special mention by the jury at IDFA.

New discovery is a film by a young director Sabrina Karabaeva about Ural comedians produced by Alexei Fedorchenko – "Stand-up is Pain". Another young author, Anastasia Korkia, co-authored with her mother Lyudmila Nekrasova and shot the story "Estoy Feliz" about the treatment of tongue cancer by a shaman in the jungle. And Perm filmmaker Kapitolina Dolgikh will present a version of the film "To See Peter" telling how 16-year-old Dasha made her last dream come true. Film was modified after the art board of "Flahertiana-2019".

In addition to them, the program will include works by directors already known to the festival public, multiple awards winners of film festivals. For example, the film by Vladimir Golovnev "Doctor Clown" about people with an unusual hobby – making children laugh in the hospital – and Elena Laskari's film "Where is Matryona?" about the dreams and meditations of Natasha who lives in the village near Ryazan on the verge of her 18th birthday. Evgeny Grigoriev will show the anthology "Handmade" consisting of several short stories by different authors about people of labor.

The winner of the National Competition receives "Small Golden Nanook" and a money prize 75 thousand rubles. "Russian Flahertiana" is supported by the Ministry of Culture of Perm Krai.

The program of the National Competition "Russian Flahertiana"

Wilfred and Alexandra

dir. Oleg Galitsky, 2020


dir. Maria Murashova, 2019

Doctor Clown

dir. Vladimir Golovnev, 2020

Where's Matryona?

dir. Elena Laskari, 2019

Hey! Teachers!

dir. Yulia Vishnevetskaya, 2020

Born in the North

dir. Anna Katorina, 2020

A Mum for Julia 

dir. Natalia Kadyrova, 2019

Dead Season

dir. Natalia Savras, 2020


dir. Artur Sokolov, 2019

Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish

dir. Dmitry Shpilenok, 2020


dir. Ilya Povolotsky, 2019 

Rodina Trip

dir. Dmitry Vologdin, 2019 

Northern Wind Can Be Warm

dir. Alexey Golovkov, 2019

Stand-up is Pain

dir. Sabrina Karabaeva, 2020

To See Piter

dir. Kapitolina Dolgikh, 2019


dir. Evgeny Grigoriev, 2020 

Estoy Feliz

dir. Anastasia Korkiya, Lyudmila Nekrasova, 2019.