DOK Leipzig Special at IDFF Flahertiana

Premier Cinema Center presents the newest films of the main documentary film festival in Germany. DOK Leipzig Special includes a tragicomedy of a multicultural clash, a sketch of amateur nude models' ordinary lives and an emotional film about a hotel in Bavaria, which gave shelter to refugees of various origins, capturing an utopic moment.

Program is presented by Cornelia Klauss, a dramaturge and member of the selection committee of DOK Leipzig. Supported by DOK Leipzig and Goethe-Institut.


Parchim International

2015, Germany, dir. Stefan Eberlein, 90 min
17 September, Saturday. 16:00
Pionerskaya St., 17,
Main Cinema Hall

Café Waldluft

2015, Germany, dir. Matthias Kossmehl , 79 min
18 September, Sunday. 19:30
Pionerskaya St., 17,
Premier Cinema Center,
Cinema Hall №5

Naked Beauty

2015, Germany, dir. Mario Schneider , 104 min
19 September, Monday. 16:00
Pionerskaya St., 17,
Main Cinema Hall