Susanne Regina Meures

was born in the West of Germany. Studied photography and history of art at The Courtauld in London and film at the Zurich University of the Arts. She worked for numerous print publications before moving to film. Raving Iran is her first feature length documentary.


Raving Iran, 2016.

Raving Iran (16+)

Switzerland, 2016, colour, 74 min.
Director: Susanne Regina Meures
Anoosh and Arash are at the center of Tehran’s underground techno scene. Hiding from the police they organize manic techno raves in the desert and release albums illegally. Their career seems to be stagnating, but all of a sudden the biggest techno festival in the world invites them to play their music. Arriving in Switzerland, they are overwhelmed by their own dream and now have to make a decision if they should return home at all.