Mikhail Barynin

was born in Moscow in 1985. He graduated from Moscow International Film School and directing faculty of VGIK (2013, workshop of S.Miroshnichenko). “The Other Land” was his debut film (2009). Films about Russian North “Maiman Race” (2012) and “Tuva. Independent People” (2013) made him famous.


The Other Land, 2009; Maiman Race, 2012; Tuva. Independent People, 2013; 24 Snow, 2016.
Award for Original Artistic Solution – “Silver Nanook”, Audience Award

24 Snow (18+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 90 min.
Director: Mikhail Barynin
The main character, Sergey the horse breeder, lives in tundra most of the year taking care of horses. Year after year he spends more and more time out of the village seeing his family only several times a year. He feels himself a stranger in his own house and almost loses connection with the family. Harsh Northern living makes a man ask himself the hardest question ever - understanding who he really is.


Moscow IFF, 2016: Audience Award