Natalia Gugueva

graduated from VGIK. Multiple nominee and winner of national prizes «TEFI», «LAVR», «NIKA», «GOLDEN EAGLE», prizes of numerous national and international festivals. Natalia is “Pervy Kanal” (First Channel) Chief Director of Public Affairs Broadcasting.


Two and One, 1999; Forsage, 2001; Family of Clowns, 2003; Kostya Dzu. Be number one! (together with A Kogan), 2004; Marta (together with A Kogan), 2004; Timur. The Last Flight, 2005; Passions on Solzhenitsin, 2006; Vladimir Vysotsky and Marina Vladi. The Last Kiss (together with A Kogan), 2007; Smile of Gagarin (together with A Kogan), 2009; Heroin. The South Wind, 2010; Vysotsky Alive, 2011; Life is Always Specific, 2011; Who is this Kusturica?, 2013; Overdrive. Return Point, 2015.
Organizing Committee Award for the Relevance and Accuracy of Topic Development

Overdrive. Return point (12+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 104 min.
Director: Natalia Gugueva
Film tells the story of a difficult inner conflict between Russian and Ukrainian pilots – former comrades-in-arms, fellow soldiers, and fellow citizens – In times when Ukrainian bombs fall on Donbass.