Elena Laskari

was born in Ryazan. She graduated from the Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography as a director under the mastership of A.Y. Khanutin. Elena works and lives in Moscow.


The Portrait at Gunpoint, 2008; Shnoll. From 0 to 80, 2011; The Heat, 2011; Valenky, 2012; Pooled Experience. Frosty Thaw, 2012; Nightwitch…Her Husband and Sons, 2013; The Worlds of Andrey Linde, 2013; Alexander Zhurbin. Autobiography in Four Movements, 2013; Sparkling Solitude. Alexander and Ludmila Pyatigorskiye, 2014; Del And His Predel, 2014; Larisa and Her Team, 2015; Ceremony, 2015; Tatiana and Sons, 2016.

Tatiana and Sons (16+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 70 min.
Director: Elena Laskari
Tatiana moved from Moldavia to Ryazan region searching for better life. She has four sons and no husband. And several dozens more of her children live somewhere out there. “God bless them,” thinks Tatiana being pregnant again.