Ivan Golovnev

graduated from the History Department of the Omsk State University. From 2000-2002 he took classes at the School of Sverdlovsk Film Studio (Yaropolk Lapshin’s workshop). In 2005, Golovnev graduated from the Graduate Program for Screenwriters and Directors in Moscow (workshop of Petr Todorovsky and Natalia Ryazantseva). Member of the Filmmakers Union of Russia.


Tiny Katerina, 2004; Old Man Peter, 2008; Minefield, 2012; Land of Udehe, 2015.

Land of Udehe (12+)

Russia, 2015, colour, 26 min.
Director: Ivan Golovnev
This is “Nanook of the North” nowadays by Russian filmmaker Ivan Golovnev. “Land of Udehe” immerses viewers in the usual life of a small nation, and discovers that people of Udehe see life everywhere. Death doesn’t exist.