Daria Khrenova

has graduated from the VGIK (cinematography). She was editor of the feature film studio on “Kultura” TV channel. At the same time, she worked as scriptwriter, director, and chief editor of the TV programmes (Masterpieces of Old Cinema, Apocrypha, Magic of Cinema, and Documentary Camera). Since 2009, she is scriptwriter/director/chief editor of TV cycles and programmes for different channels (TVC, REN-TV, Channel One) and internet (cycles Life of Celebrities, Surviving in Metropolis, Topic Alive, special projects, etc.). More than 300 TV programmes. Lecturer and assistant professor of the Moscow State Institute of Arts and Culture since 2009.


Pomors. The First in The Arctic, 2011; Vincenzo Bianca’s Magic Mountain, 2013; The Main Festivity of Life, 2014; Who Will Be My Husband?, 2015; The Last Campaign of Baron, 2015.

Who Will Be My Husband? (12+)

Russia, 2015, colour, 64 min.
Director: Daria Khrenova
She was supposed to be Coco Chanel of the XXI century. But instead, there is a high fence around her – the result of a car accident. Will Nastya accept compromises in choosing a partner and is she ready to settle with less?...


Festival “Integration”, 2015, Moscow: Diploma.