Pavel Medvedev

was born in Orenburg in 1963. He graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Culture (directing and cinematography department, workshop of L. Gorin and D. Zhukhina) in 1990. From 1991 to 1992 he took Superior Courses of TV directing (workshop of V. Sarukhanov). He worked as director in TV companies in St. Petersburg and Moscow.


Vacations in November, 2002; The Very Best Day, 2002; Wedding of Silence, 2003; Zero Hour, 2005; On the Third Planet from the Sun, 2006; State symbols of Russia: State flag. National emblem. State anthem, 2007; Unseen, 2008; Ascention, 2008; Artificial Turf, 2010; After Byzantium, 2013; Joseph’s Land, 2016.
Special Jury Mention

Joseph’s Land (16+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 115 min.
Director: Pavel Medvedev
In the apartment of Brodsky family in St. Petersburg it is planned to open the one-day museum in honour of a poet and Nobel Prize Nominee exiled from his motherland. The film of Pavel Medvedev, with the feeling of grotesque and extravaganza, is a tragedy and comedy taking place behind the walls of a communal apartment.