Petra Lataster-Czisch

Petra Lataster-Czisch and Peter Lataster have formed a filming partnership since 1989. They have made several award winning feature documentaries, shorts and dance films. In 2012 the IDFA festival honoured Petra and Peter with a retrospective and the Dutch Institute of Sound and Vision released a DVD box.


The Enchantment,1991; Tales of a River, 1994; Call it Sleep,1996; River of time, 1999; Fragile Happiness,2001; Dreamland GDR, 2003; Dance film Birth-Day, NDT III, 2004; This will never go away, 2005; I like to touch everything, 2006; If We Knew, 2007; The things you don’t understand, 2010; Not Without You, 2010; Jerome Jerome, 2011; WE, 2012; Awake in a Bad Dream, 2013; The Need to Dance, 2014; Miss Kiet’s Children, 2016.

Miss Kiet's Children (0+)

the Netherlands, 2016, colour, 115 min.
Director: Petra Lataster-Czisch
How do migrant children adjust to a new school class, a new language and a teacher you don't understand? An ode to the teacher you'd wish for every child.