Maciej J. Drygas

was born on 3 April 1956 in Lodz, Poland. Film and radio director, screenwriter, producer, professor at the National Film School in Łódź. Graduate of the Department of Directing, Moscow (VGIK). He has won awards at numerous international festivals. Maciej J. Drygas’s films and radio documentaries have been broadcast by television and radio stations in Europe, Australia, Japan, Canada, Brazil, New Caledonia, South Africa.


Hear My Cry, 1991; State of Weightlessness, 1994; Voice Of Hope, 2002; A day in People’s Republic of Poland, 2005; Hear us all, 2008; Violated Letters, 2011; Abu Haraz, 2013.

Hear My Cry (16+)

Poland , 1991, b/w, 48 min.
Director: Maciej J. Drygas
The story of Ryszard Siwiec, a clerk from Przemyśl. In September, 1968, during a harvest festival at the 10th Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw, in front of thousands of people he poured benzene over himself and lit it in protest against the communist totalitarianism and the entrance of Warsaw Pact forces into Czechoslovakia. Severely burned, Siwiec was transferred to the hospital where he died. His sacrifice passed unnoticed. His name did not appear on the front pages of neither Polish, nor western papers. After many years, the creator of the film, on the basis of the preserved documents, confessions of relatives and eyewitnesses of the event tries to find out who Ryszard Siwiec was and the cause of his readiness to do such a terrible thing.


European Film Awards (Germany, 1991) – European Documentary Film Of The Year; Kracow Film Festival (Poland, 1991) – Silver Dragon Award; International Documentary Film Festival VISIONS DU RÉEL (Switzerland, 1991) – Silver Sesterce; Lagow International Film Festival (Poland, 1991) – Special Honor; International Documentary Film Festival «Intermedia» (Poland, 1991) – First Prize; Andrzej Munk Award, 1991; Wyspianski Award For Young Artists, 1992; Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia, 1992) – The Best Documentary Film; Balticum Film and TV Festival Bornholm (Denmark, 1993) – Second Prize; International Film Festival Golden Gate (USA, 1993) – Special Mention.