Christiane Büchner

was born in 1965, studied sculpting and experimental film-making at the Berlin University of Arts. Since the late 80s, she has realized numerous multimedia – and film projects. Scholarships brought her to Moscow and St. Petersburg. In 1994 she founded Büchner Film Productions with her brother Tobias Büchner. She completed a postgraduate degree at the Academy for Media Arts Cologne in 1999 and became a member of the commission at the Oberhausen Short Film Days in 2001. Alongside her work as a film-maker, she teaches film and media courses at various universities, presently the Academy for Media Arts Cologne.


Kanal, 1988; A Food As Well As A Drink, 1989; You'll never walk alone, 1996; Neighbours of the Kremlin, documentary, 2002; I went to Russia, 2003; Tanja rockt!, 2007; pereSTROIKA – reCONSTRCTION of a flat, 2008; Warsaw Frankenstein, 2012; Family Business, 2015.

pereSTROIKA – reCONSTRUCTION of a flat (12+)

Germany, 2008, colour, 85 min.
Director: Christiane Büchner
In this flat, every room belongs to a different owner. Together they try to sell their real estate. For the last time, the relations between all people involved are put to the test in this confined space. Now, it’s no longer about who takes up the bathroom for how long or who pollutes the kitchen with especially pungent food smells. Now that their ways will irrevocably part, everyone wants to make the most of the situation for himself and will stop at nothing. Because either everybody moves out or nobody! “pereSTROIKA” engages with the details of its protagonists’ existential struggle for a new home. And precisely because of that, the film is able to draw a picture of how free market economy feels in the Russia of today.


Gerd-Ruge-Stipendium, 2005; Schnittpreis, 2009.