Christiane Büchner

«Канал», 1988; «Как пища, так и вода», 1989; «Ты никогда не идёшь в одиночку», 1996; «Дом Правительства», 2002; «Я была в России», 2003; «Таня жжот», 2007; «ПереСТРОЙКА – реконструкция квартиры», 2008; «Варшавский Франкенштейн», 2012; «Семейный бизнес», 2015.


Kanal, 1988; A Food As Well As A Drink, 1989; You'll never walk alone, 1996; Neighbours of the Kremlin, documentary, 2002; I went to Russia, 2003; Tanja rockt!, 2007; pereSTROIKA – reCONSTRCTION of a flat, 2008; Warsaw Frankenstein, 2012; Family Business, 2015.

Family Business (0+)

Germany, 2015, colour, 93 min.
Director: Christiane Büchner
Family Business shows how an intimate bond is being woven amidst strangers. A German and a Polish family get together to solve substantial problems. Jowita travels to Germany to care for 88-year old Anne and take the pressure of her working daughters. How does it feel to take a place in another family whilst leaving your own place behind? How can you learn to live with a stranger whilst your own benchmarks gradually disappear? The pragmatic decision, thought to benefit both sides, creates unexpected relationships.


NRW Film Prize (Germany, 2016) – Best Documentary.