Joel Elliott

is a writer, filmmaker and multimedia artist. He completed his MFA in Documentary Media at Toronto's Ryerson University. Orphans [a requiem] is his first major project since his MFA thesis The Flood and the Mountain. He is the recipient of several awards from Ryerson University as well as a Canada Council for the Arts Media grant.


Orphans [a requiem], 2016.

Orphans [a requiem] (18+)

Canada, 2016, colour, 31 min.
Director: Joel Elliott
While researching migratory birds in Cheorwon, South Korea, along with the demilitarised zone that separates the North and the South, I came across a woman whose house was full of photographs from the other side of the border. A mix of historical documentary and fiction, Orphans [a requiem] presents rarely seen glimpses of North Korean life. It's about the sometimes hidden trauma and forgotten casualties of the Korean War, and the birds that seem to echo that history across the peninsula.


Film Festival People and Environment, 2016 – The best documentary film.