Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Andrey Osipov

was born in 1960. In 1982, he graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute and in 1995 from the High School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors (workshop of E. Tashkov). He is the winner of national and international film festivals, awardee of Russian biggest national film awards “Nika” (years 2001, 2004, 2014) and “The Golden Eagle Award” (2004). Member of Russian State Film Academy. Awardee of the Russian Federation Government Award (2005).


Voices, 1997; Blown in with the Wind, 1999; Et Cetera…, 2000; Hunting Down an Angel, 2002; Passions of Marina, 2004; Save and Protect, 2013; Koktebel’s Pebbles, 2014; The Leader Will Be I, 2015.

Voices (16+)

Russia, 1997, 45 min.
Director: Andrey Osipov
The main character of the film is the outstanding representative of the «Silver Age» of Russian poetry Maximilian Voloshin. The Civil War, the 1930s, revolution – the dramatic period, that was the turning point of Russian history entangles with dramatic events in Voloshin’s life – his love story with Cherubina de Gabriak, relationship with Marina Tsvetaeva. The film is based on the poet’s reminiscences of his time and people whose voices sounded in his home in Koktebel.


(selected Awards) Open festival of non-fiction films «Russia» (Russia, 1997) – Grand-Prix; International Documentary Film Festival in Taipei (Taiwan, 1998) – Grand-Prix; International film festival “Youth” (Ukraine, 1998) – Grand-Prix for the best film «Scythian Deer»; “Prix Europa” (Germany, 1998) – best TV film in “Young Europe” category; International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic, 1998) – Jury Award; International Festival “Message to Man” (Russia, 1997) – “Silver Centaur” award; San-Francisco International Film Festival (USA, 1999) – “Golden Spire” Award; “WORLDFEST” Festival (USA, 1999) – Diploma.