Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Andrey Karpenko

was born in 1959. Director, scriptwriter, actor, producer. Graduated from Geographical faculty of Moscow State University in 1981, Production faculty of Russian State University of Cinematography (workshop of B. Zagryazhskiy and E. Sakanyan) in 1983. Today is a teacher in Russian State University of Cinematography, co-producer and editor-in-chief of popular TV-series “Criminal Russia: Modern Chronicles” (NTV Channel).


Muchkap: Tambov State, 1991; Another Season, 1992; Fight in the Pottery, 1999.

Muchkap: Tambov State (12+)

Russia, 1991, colour, 30 min.
Director: Andrey Karpenko
Authors tell about the work of local police officers using the example of the village Muchkap of the Tambov State. Local peculiarities and specificity make the village police so different from the city force. In this film sad and tragic exists alongside with hilarious, film is touching, interesting and provokes a lot of emotions.


Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist (Ukraine, 1992) – Best Student Film Award; Oberhausen International Film Festival (Germany, 1992) – Participant Diploma.