Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Aleksandr Ivankin

graduated from Direction Faculty at the Russian State University of Cinematography in 1975. Then he worked as a director at Central Documentary Film Studio and taught at Russian State University of Cinematography, ran the production studio of documentary film and TV-show (with А. Kochetkov) and Experimental Studio of Direction and Camera Craft (with I. Klebanov and А. Sirenko). From 1996 to 2007 he lived and worked in Canada. Currently, he lives in Moscow. Since 2007 till present time, he is an art director at the studio «Artel» and the general producer of the TV project dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Foreign Intelligence service of Russia ”Fights”.


Every Day, 1975; Every One of Us, 1977; The Heart of Motherland, 1978; Boxing. The Olympic Games of 1980, 1980; The 10th Chairman, 1980; Lenin and Time, 1980; Replica, 1981; The Back, 1981; The Pyramid, 1985; Trumpet Solo, 1986; Secret War. The First Film. The Eve, 1986; The Revolution Square, 1988; Version, 1989; The Man for All Times, 1990; Secret War. The Second Film. Revenge, 1991; Monster. Portrait of Stalin in Blood, 1992; Nikita Khrushchev's Russian Roulette, 1993; Strong Man, 1996; Berlin Wall, 1997; The Coup, 1998; Strangelove Factor. Oath of Secrecy, 1998.

The Revolution Square (16+)

USSR, 1988, b/w, 89 min.
Director: Aleksandr Ivankin
Documentary drama shows the tragic life of the Red Army commander Philipp Mironov, who represents all contradictions and problems of that unique time – Civil War and beginning of the Soviet era. All contradictions, all difficulties, and tragedies are shown through the hero's path. He was executed in 1921 becoming one of the first victims of Bolshevik repressions that intensified greatly during the 1930s.