Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Marina Razbezhkina

graduated from Kazan State University, Philological faculty in 1971. She worked at Tatar Republic newspapers, published her works abroad. Since 1986, she has been writing scripts for documentaries and working as a producer as well. She collaborated with Kazan Newsreel Studio, film and video studio «Mizgel» (Kazan), «Contemporary», «NETSKI», «Risk» (Moscow), TV channels «Russian Channel», «Culture». She is a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia since 1990 and Russian Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences.


The End of the Way, 1991; Assumption, 1991; Concert on Request, 1991; A Man Plays the Trumpet, 1994; Strange Freedom of Existence, 1995; Heirs of the Paradise, 1997; Slavic Dances, Sabantui, Time to Say Goodbye, 1997-2000; Gennadiy Aigi, 2001; Desire to Sing, 2001; Life as It Is, 2002; Harvest Time, 2004; Foreign Country, 2005; Holidays, 2005.

Life as It Is (6+)

Russia, 2002, colour, 20 min.
Director: Marina Razbezhkina
The film is about the life of a village woman Shura Alekseeva, who works as a weigher and her dreams, which help her to survive in modern complicated world.


Russian national award in the category of nonfiction and TV “The Laurel Branch” (Russia, 2003) for the best short film; International Documentary Film Festival Silverdocs (USA, 2003) – “Snow Globe” award.