Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Sergei Baranov

is a Russian director graduated from Moscow High School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors.


(Selected Filmography) Exceptions without Rules, 1986; Mother Frosya’s Tales about Diveyevskiy Monastery, 1990; I Know How to Become Happier, 2008.

Mother Frosya’s Tales about Diveyevskiy Monastery (6+)

Russia, 1990, colour, 27 min.
Director: Sergei Baranov
Heartlessness vs Mercy is one of the major conflicts of modern life, as perceived by the authors of the film. That’s why they were attracted by the fate of Efrosinya, the nun from the Diveyevskiy monastery, who managed to preserve the traditional religious worldview, despite a lot of suffering she underwent during the Soviet times.


Krakow Film Festival (Poland, 1990) –Grand-Prix.