Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Sergei Bosenko

was born in 1967 in Odessa. From 1987 till 1989 he was doing military service in the Soviet army. He graduated from the Novosibirsk Agricultural Academy and in 1998 graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography, Department of non-fiction films and television programs (workshop of A. Kochetkov). Nowadays lives and works in Moscow.


(Selected Filmography) Chechen Gambit, 2000; Ensign, 2000; August, 2001; Deserter, 2002; Fiery Family Saga, 2002; It’s Hard to Be a God, 2003; Olympic Screen, 2004; Wait, 2004; Little Viper, 2005; Paying Guest, 2007; In the Land of the Bluebird, 2003; Mariya Mironova. Yes, I am the Queen! 2011; Lyudmila Fetisova. Remember me Laughing, 2012; Pavel Kogan. Man’s Game, 2012; Ariadna Ephron. I Decided to Live, 2012.

It's Difficult to Become a God (12+)

Russia, 2002, colour, 32 min.
Director: Sergei Bosenko
An incredibly hard work for the sake of several sweet minutes of victory, an endless training from morning till night, successes and failures – these are the components of the everyday life of Alexey Nemov – an already proven competitive gymnastics Champion, as well as of Yuri Ryazanov – a young beginner in gymnastics.


Festival of the Sports films «Olympic Screen» (Russia, 2004) – Grand-Prix; Award of the «Kinoglaz» Films and Television Festival (Russia, 2004).