Risk Film Studio Retrospective

Andrey Osipov

was born in 1960. In 1982, he graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute and in 1995 from the High School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors (workshop of E. Tashkov). He is the winner of national and international film festivals, awardee of Russian biggest national film awards “Nika” (years 2001, 2004, 2014) and “The Golden Eagle Award” (2004). Member of Russian State Film Academy. Awardee of the Russian Federation Government Award (2005).


Voices, 1997; Blown in with the Wind, 1999; Et Cetera…, 2000; Hunting Down an Angel, 2002; Passions of Marina, 2004; Save and Protect, 2013; Koktebel’s Pebbles, 2014; The Leader Will Be I, 2015.

Et Cetera (12+)

Russia, 2000, colour, 24 min.
Director: Andrey Osipov
XX century is in the past… But it is impossible to cross out the past, it becomes our future. For the last 100 years, Russia was involved in numbers of military conflicts. The country has not grown up a single generation who did not know the war. Seven huge wars, seven bleeding wounds – from Chechen to Japanese – are presented in unique news footage. Thinking of the tragic causes of wars, the authors refer to the ideas of the great French humanist Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


(Selected Award) Open Festival of Nonfiction Films “Russia”– the diploma of the Russian State Film and Photo Archive «For the Artful Reflection of Reality on the Screen with the Use of Film»; International Human Rights Film Festival «Stalker» (Russia, 2000) – Award of “Glavnaya Gazeta” newspaper, “Open Society» Institute Award; International short film festival in Imola (Italy) –Best Documentary, Mario Mariani Award; International Short Film Festival in Drama (Greece) – Grand-Prix; International Short Film Festival in Tehran (Iran) – First Prize; International Short Film Festival in Vila do Conde (Portugal) – Award of the Radio and Television of Portugal (RTP); International Film Festival Valladolid (Spain) – Second Prize; International Human Rights Film Festival «THE ONE World» in Prague (Czech Republic) – Jury Prize for best Director; Mass Media Festival «All Russia» (Russia) – Jury Prize; International Visual Art Festival «Mediawave» in Györ (Hungary) – Prize «Dusty Reel Award» for Best Documentary; International Film Festival «Worldfest» in Houston (USA) – Prize «Silver Star»; International Short Film Festival «Worldwide» in Toronto (USA) – Best Documentary; Y. N. Ozerov Military Film Festival – Jury Diploma.