Helena Trestikova

is one of the most important Czech documentary filmmakers. Helena Třeštíková has directed some forty films since graduating from Prague’s FAMU film school. Her latest trilogy of portraits (Marcela, René, Katka ) shot in the late 2000s brought her international attention. Masterpieces of editing, the three films confirm the filmmaker’s deftness at transforming the humdrum existence of the downtrodden into unique, fascinating narratives.


(Selected Filmography) Marcela, 2007; Rene, 2008; Katka, 2009; Private Universe, 2012; Mallory, 2015; Doomed Beauty, 2016; A Marriage Story, 2017.

A Marriage Story (16+)

Czech Republic, 2017, colour, 102 min.
Director: Helena Trestikova
December of 1980. Architect students Ivana and Vaclav exchange the wedding rings surrounded by the crowd of friends and relatives. What will happen to their love in the future? Helena Třeštíková observed this couple for 35 years tracing the dramatic marriage story.