Efim Reznikov

is the art director and CEO of “Granat” film studio. He graduated from the Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) as a cinematographer (workshop of A.Galperin). Since 1982, he worked at Gorky film studio for children and youngsters as cinematographer. As Director of Photography, he filmed more than 10 films. In 1989, Efim Reznikov was nominated for the Best Cinematographer at European festival "Felix" (Paris, France). Since 2002, he has a documentary directing workshop in from the Russian State University of Cinematography VGIK and is also a leading professor of the documentary film department.


(Selected Filmography) Dancing Ghosts, 1992; Prisoners of Terpsichore, 1995; The Siberian Savior, 1998; Denial of Love, 1999; Fear, 2003, The Principle of Kalina, 2004; Prisoners of Terpsichore 2, 2007; Arctic the Great I. Worship of Fire Spirit, 2014; Arctic the Great II. The Lessons of Life, 2015; Tiksi – the Bay of meetings, 2016.

Tiksi – the Bay of Meetings (12+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 39 min.
Director: Efim Reznikov
Filmmaker Efim Reznikov, familiar to the audience of Flahertiana by his cycle of films devoted to the Arctic North, will present his new film about the dwellers of multinational Arctic settlement Tiksi.