Evgeny Kalinin

was born in the USSR in 1982 to the family of a sailor and accountant. After graduating from secondary school he studied consequently to be a lawyer, marketer and theologian. Having hit many roads around Russia, he then conducted broadcasts on the radio and became engaged in social work with homeless children. From 2010 to 2016 Evgeny studied in the documentary workshop of Aleksandr Markov (St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television). His creative landmarks are Werner Herzog, Joshua Oppenheimer, Marina Razbezhkina. "War and Peace of Private Litvin" is the graduation project of Evgeny Kalinin.


War and Peace of Private Litvin, 2016.

The War and Peace of Private Litvin (6+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 30 min.
Director: Evgeny Kalinin
Nikolay Litvin is a 92-year-old paratrooper, a veteran of the Second World War and, as he calls himself, "the head of the Litvinov clan". Despite his age, he appreciates life in all its manifestations, dreams of yet another parachute jump and spends years telling his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren about the war. This is the story of a typical Russian family and the common attempt of its several generations to understand how much the shock of war matters to them and... does it matter at all?