Aleksey Bogdanov

was born in 1977 in Novopolotsk (Belarus). In 2016 he graduated from Moscow State Institute of Culture, majoring in "Film and Television Directing". The film "Blindfold" is his debut as a filmmaker.


Blindfold, 2016.

Blindfold (0+)

Russia, 2016, colour, 28 min.
Director: Aleksey Bogdanov
Protagonist, Eugeny Shelaev is a young man from an optically-challenged family, who has lost his eyesight in childhood. He is one of the leading players for the Russian representative team. “If a human couldn’t be in the power to overcome his\her own self, what a zero he\she would be”, questions the world the hero of the film.


Krasnoyarsk International Film Festival, 2016 – First Diploma.