Toktomush Zhekshenbai uulu

was born in 1993 in the village of Ogonbaev, Talas district. In 2016 he graduated from the director’s faculty of Kyrgyz State Institute of Art. He majored as the Director of TV and broadcast.


Handicraft Teacher, 2014; The Nomad, 2015; Image, 2015; Artist, 2016; The Price of One Mistake, 2016; Coach, 2017.

The Price of One Mistake (0+)

Kyrgyzstan, 2016, colour, 10 min.
Director: Toktomush Zhekshenbai uulu
The water supplies in Ogonbayeva village run out very fast. Little Namysbek and Beksultan dream of the time they will grow up and buy a car to bring the fresh water to help their mother.


IFF "Kyrgyzstan – Land of Short Films" (Kyrgyzstan, 2016) – Audience award.