George Stoney

was a legendary documentary filmmaker who was considered by many to be a father of public access television. He has mentored hundreds of young filmmakers as a professor of production and media theory at NYU, where he taught beginning in 1970. At NYU, he co-founded the Alternate Media Center, and his interns eventually went on the start the Alliance for Community Media. George passed away peacefully at home on July 12, 2012 at the age of 96.


(Selected Filmography) Feeling All Right, 1944, Palmour Street, a Study of Family Life, 1949; All My Babies: A Midwife's Own Story, 1953; The Invader, 1954; Still Going Places , 1955; Booked for Safekeeping , 1960; How to Live in a City, 1964; You Are On Indian Land, 1969; How the Myth Was Made, 1972; Weavers, The: Wasn't That a Time!, 1982; Krahos Revisited, 1990; A Weekend with the Barnouws, 1998.

How the Myth Was Made (0+)

USA, Ireland, 1979, b/w, 58 min.
Director: George Stoney
Robert Flaherty's MAN OF ARAN (1934) chronicled fishermen's struggle for existence on Ireland's bleak Aran Islands. George Stoney revisits the islands and interviews surviving locals about their memories of the original film and their reactions to making this one.