Ana Vaz

is an artist and filmmaker whose films and other expanded works speculate upon the relationships between self and other, myth and history through a cosmology of signs, references and perspectives. A graduate of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology & Le Fresnoy, Ana was also a member of the School of Political Arts. In 2015, she received the Kazuko Trust Award presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center in recognition of artistic excellence and innovation in her moving-image work.


Sacris Pulso, 2007; Entre Temps, 2012; Les Mains, Négatives, 2012; A Idade da Pedra 2013; Occidente, 2014; A Film, Reclaimed, 2015; Há Terra!, 2016; Amérika: Bahía de las Flechas, 2016.

A Idade da Pedra (0+)

Brazil, France, 2013, colour, 29 min.
Director: Ana Vaz
A voyage into the far west of Brazil leads us to a monumental structure, petrified at the centre of the savannah. Inspired by the epic construction of the city of Brasilia, the film uses this history to imagine it otherwise.