Jeanne Liotta

was born and raised in New York City where she makes films and other cultural ephemera including photographs, works on paper and live projection performances. Her latest body of work takes place in a constellation of mediums investigating the cosmic landscape at a curious intersection of art, science and natural philosophy.


Blue Moon, 1988; Land of Enchantment, 1994; What Makes Day and Night, 1998; Bees and Ears, 1999; Muktikara, 1999; Summer Reading, 2000; Maria Movie, 2001; Loretta, 2003; Point Sur, 2004; Eclipse, 2005; Haiku for Onizuka, 2007; Observando El Cielo, 2007; Crosswalk, 2010; Counterintuitive Proposition for a Black Hole, 2012.

Observando el Cielo (0+)

USA, 2007, colour, 19 min.
Director: Jeanne Liotta
Seven years of celestial field recordings gathered from the chaos of the cosmos and inscribed onto 16mm film from various locations upon this turning tripod Earth. This work is neither a metaphor nor a symbol but is feeling towards a fact in the midst of perception, which time flows through.