Aleksandr Kuprin

was born in Moscow in 1962. He graduated from Moscow State University and High School of Film Directors. He is the head of "Ogonyok Video", the director of the program «Vzgliad» on Russian Channel, a war correspondent and the director of 100 documentaries.


Paisius Svyatogorets, 2015; Alyona and a Mirror, 2013; The Victory, 2012; Incense-Navigator, 2016.
Kompanion Publishing House Prize

Incense-Navigator (16+)

Russia, 2017, colour, 105 мин. min.
Director: Aleksandr Kuprin
The monk Zacchaeus has received the work of penance: to make the best incense and to bring it there where it’s most needed. Characters will cross a number of borders and in every country, strange or amusing accidents will happen to them. Mount Athos is one of the stops of their travel. Here life of the heroes and their understanding of the world has changed dramatically. Before that, it was still unclear what it is the place where the incense is especially needed. But then the war in Donbass began. First of all, this film is about a men's brotherhood. About the incessant aspiration of the human to slip out the closing vices of the ordinary to the world of the motion, the world of new meetings, the world of vivid life.