Lion Bischof

was born in Munich, studied directing at the HFF Munich. His first film “Supervision” won the jury prize at "Klappe auf!". His second film “Hinterwelten” was shown at the International Hof Film Festival. 2017, he produced the short film “Tara”, which was shown at the Berlinale.


«Наблюдение», 2012; «Станция Патология», 2013; «Междумирье», 2014; «Тара», 2016; «Корпус Германия», 2018.

Germania (18+)

Germany , 2018, colour, 78 min.
Director: Lion Bischof
For the Members of the student fraternity Corps Germania it is lived democracy and a school for life – for outsiders, it is a claustrophobic, hierarchic microcosm with strict rules and strange rituals. What are young men yearning for in the digital world? Where does a political attitude come from? When do you make decisions for life? The filmmakers explore how the young men find their way between tradition and modernity.


Max Ophüls Preis Film Festival (Germany, 2018) – Max Opuehls Award 2018 for Best Filmmusic in a Documentary; Deutsche Film und Medienbewertung FBW – “Prädikat wertvoll“.