Pauline Roenneberg

was born in 1984 in Munich. In 2007, Pauline Roenneberg began her studies in documentary film at the HFF Munich. Since then, her filmic work has been shown at national and international festivals and has won numerous awards. Already while studying, Pauline Roenneberg worked as a freelance filmmaker and theatre director.
With "Sooner or Later" she completes her studies at the University of Television and Film.


Wertstoff, 2008; Am Ende der Wiese, 2009; Alles ist Musik, 2010; Ein gewisses Zimmer, 2012; Die Früchte des Spiels, 2013; Sooner or Later, 2018.

Sooner or Later (16+)

Germany , 2018, colour, 116 min.
Director: Pauline Roenneberg
A village like in a picture book, with woods and church, farmer and butcher. But life here is slowly vanishing. The young ones leave, the old ones die. What a blessing for Ernst and Roswitha Schöfl, since they also work as undertakers to save their farm. Nobody here can live from the loan for milk and meat anymore. But then, a vegan community buys the empty village hotel and troubles the old way of life with their new spirits.


FFF Documentary Talent Award 2018 – Winner.