Jana Počtová

studied documentary film at FAMU. Besides working on numerous documentary series and cycles for Czech Television, she has also created original documentary shorts and the feature-length films.


Eshq, 2004; The Club, 2008; Eyes of the Tiger, 2011; Ivan Hartl’s Snow Fields, 2012; Generation Singles, 2011; Fragments of PK, 2013; Yo-Yo means Yes Yes, 2014; Non-parent, 2017.

Non-parent (16+)

Czech republic, 2017, colour, 83 min.
Director: Jana Počtová
With her documentary study of the current form of the family, the director follows up on her earlier film Generation Singles. By looking at six different stories, she presents various views and opinions regarding partnership and parenthood – what does share custody look like, how does a single parent raise children and how do lesbians? How do patchwork families function, how is it with adopted kids and how is it with people who have decided to never have any at all? In intimate on-camera interviews, the participants explain their decisions, however voluntary, and reflect on the causes and consequences of their (non-)functioning families or partnerships.


International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, The Czech Competition jury on One world – The best Czech-produced documentaries.